About Us

Soil Biology Group

The Soil Biology Group blends expertise from the soil, plant and ecological sciences in cutting edge research and education in the areas of Fertile Soil; Soils in a Changing Climate; and Soil Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services.

The Soil Biology (SBL) group at Wageningen University regards soil life as key to sustainable (agro)ecosystems. We study the role of soil organisms in element (carbon, nutrient) transformations in soils. Our research is embedded in three themes: fertile soils; soil functional biodiversity; and soils and climate change. We have state-of-the-art laboratories which facilitate this research, both engaging in developmental research through PhD, MSc and funded projects and requested routine analyses for external clients.

“Understanding the role of soil biota in sustainable agroecosystems is the basis of our research.”
prof.dr. RE (Rachel) Creamer
Chair Holder